Eswee Prinsloo - School of Excellence 2019 for Southern AfricaThe “Engage School of Excellence 2019″ award for Southern Africa was presented to Eswee Prinsloo, Deputy Head and Head of Operations, Pridwin Preparatory School, Johannesburg, on July 31.

Pridwin’s project for Engage

Pridwin’s Engage project began in November 2016, when Eswee gave himself a dealine of January 2017 to have his school fully up and running.

With just eight weeks from start to finish, Eswee cancelled his December holiday to work non-stop on Engage, and successfully completed the Engage implementation by his January deadline.

“Given the number of Engage modules Pridwin had taken,” said Jenny Dry, Engage’s Southern Africa Regional Manager, “the achievement was truly remarkable. Pridwin has walked a very successful road with Engage, and we are so proud of Eswee and having this prestigious school as part of our Engage family.”School of Excellence 2019 for Southern Africa

Engage School of Excellence

The Engage School of Excellence award recognises the significant advances a school has made through its use of Engage to improve its academic and administrative performance.

Led by their Engage Champion, Eswee, Pridwin has excelled in its use of Engage. Congratulations are due to Eswee, the Senior Management Team and all the staff at Pridwin for embracing the change to Engage. We commend you all.

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