Engage launches extended Support Centre staffing availability.

‘Having launched Live Chat last week, which has already made a difference to the speed of answering ‘How do I..?’ questions,’ said Support Manager, Phil Gibbons, ‘but we’ve also just launched an extended Support Centre staffing availability.’

What’s changed?

Continuing, Phil added, ‘The on-line Support Centre has always been 24/7/365 with the Knowledge Library, Training Guides and Videos, software upgrades, the new world-wide Forums, and more.

‘Support Staff have been available for much of this time, but having reviewed the statistics together with customer and staff feedback, it was time to increase the staffing hours.’

‘You are only as good as…’

Paul Rastall, Chief Technical Officer, said, ‘In a customer’s eyes, you’re only as good as your last support call. There are really only two types of calls. The simple ‘How do I..?’ and the more complex such as report creation.

‘We are already seeing Live Chat having an impact, enabling support staff to deal more quickly with the more complex queries.’

How can the Support Team be contacted?

Having logged into the Support Centre direct from Engage, the Support team can be contacted by using Live Chat, the Telephone, or by raising a Case.

What’s available, and when?

The hours of Support personnel availability has been extended as follws:

  • MIS (Engage, Apps, Portals) – Monday-Friday: 00:01-23:59 GMT
  • Finance (Fees, Accounts) – Sunday-Friday: 22:00-17:00 GMT
  • MIS/Accounts (Everything) – Sunday: 05:00-12:00 GMT
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