Engage upgrade 21019.03‘PayPal in the Portal’ is one of many improvements included in the 2019.03 upgrade to our Engage school student information system.

Always taking data protection seriously, Engage has enhanced its European GDPR data protection focused features, enabling schools to manage their data with maximum flexibility and diligence.

Key Engage 2019.03 additions

  • ‘PayPal in the Portal’ enables Invoices and Invoice Items to be paid direct through the Engage Portal
  • My Accounts Page details invoice sub items for PayPal as well as non-PayPal users
  • Web Admissions can now force Parents to enter multiple contacts prior to submitting, streamlining the data captured to match the school’s data preferences
  • An option for an Additional Gender in the Engage Portal
  • Data Protection includes the ability to delete DMS entries as well as retaining financial records even when removing pupil and contact records

…plus many more, each of which is detailed in the 2019.03 Release Notes available direct from the Support Centre > Downloads.

Key Engage Accounts 19.03 additions

Th 2019.03 Engage Accounts upgrade brings New Functionalities and Enhancements, almost all coming from our users in Share Ideas.

  • New Fixed Assets reporting capability
  • Closed Period Reversing Journals using the new Period Override
  • Detailed Ledger Listing additions
  • Enhanced supplier management in the Purchase Ledger
  • Enhancements to the Data Entry screen

Installing Engage 2019.03 and Engage Accounts 19.03

Schools which self-host can access the upgrades from the Support Centre, whilst hosted schools will be notified of their upgrades in due course.

The associated Release Notes can be accessed from within the Support Centre.

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