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The Support Centre’s new Live Chat platform was officially launched on 23 January 2019.

The new Chat platform

Having been soft trialled, the Live Chat platform has already proved to be effective in just the last few days.

‘An incoming Live Chat request places a popup on all support centre screens advising a customer’s waiting,’ said Support Manager, Phil Gibbons. ‘It’s been performing beyond expectation with customer queries being resolved, quickly.’

How is Live Chat used?

start a chatWhen a user logs into the Support Centre from Engage, a ‘Live Chat’ label appears on the right hand side of the page. Clicking on this and answering a few questions opens the chat dialogue on the Support Centre screens. The first free representative takes the call, whereupon all the key customer details are presented on their screen.

Chat is live 24 hours a day. If no representatives are available to take the Chat, the user just completes a short form which automatically raises a case.

Testing brought a smile

‘It’s been really amusing,’ said Phil. ‘We had difficulty testing Chat. Whenever we activated it, a school user would see it and send a query within 1 or 2 minutes, proving it worked! So, with testing not a real option and users obviously liking Chat, we decided to launch as soon as we could.’

Two instant success stories

A user contacted us on Live Chat with a census question which we were able to answer there and then. We also attached the two relevant guides for them to download. This was an immediate close of a very simple case.

Another quick question was if technical staff would be available on Saturdays. Again, it was answered quickly with no case having to be raised.

How beneficial will Chat be?

Time saving has been an obvious positive with quick resolution of queries. Excellent for the user as well as our support staff.

‘Our objective was simple,’ commented Phil. ‘Quick resolutions to queries, leading to improved relationships between users and support staff.’

The CTO says

On watching the soft trial, Paul Rastall, CTO, said, ‘I believe Chat will help remove many barriers between Engage users and our support staff, by making it faster and easier to have quick answers to simple questions. Removing time gaps between support conversations should lead to faster responses. Of course, a user still has the option of making a phone call or raising a Support Case.’

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