Phil Gibbons
With his backgound rooted in IT hardware, field engineering and support team management, Philip Gibbons joined HQ to manage the Engage SIS Support team in January 2019.

Customer Focus is key

With Customer Focus as his watchword, Phil is determined to ensure his team operates at the peak of efficiency at all times.

‘The team must have great operational knowledge of Engage to ensure their advice to users is to the point, ensuring prompt resolution of issues,’ said Philip.

Philip’s background

Philip brings 30 years’ IT experience in hardware, field engineering, and the managment of IT support teams, having worked for small to large IT companies including Unilever.

Married to Helen, they have a daughter. Philip’s hobbies include sailing and photography.

Working in schools

For the last 12 years Phil worked in an independent specialist visually impaired school and college, as ewll as an independent school. As such he has a grasp of the frustrations and pressures that our customers face.

SIS and Fees and Accounts

Whilst Phil manages the Engage SIS team, Carole continues to manage the Engage Accounts and Fees team.

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